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Let's invent many things on the computer !

I will transfer the right to obtain the patent on present invention.


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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To promote the advancement of technology and the implementation of inventions, by inhibiting the patenting of an invention of a level at which it can be produced mechanically, or by virtually invalidating the patent provided for the invention of the level at which it can be produced mechanically.
SOLUTION: An invention machine 11 sequentially, automatically generates very many invention documents D having different contents. An invention public server 12 sequentially discloses the very many invention documents D on the Internet 14. As a result, a state in which a user (public) of a client machine 13 can access the very many invention documents disclosed on the Internet 14 is generated. The inventions described in the invention documents lose the novelty. Then, the patent application provided for these inventions is rejected. Even if an invention related to the application is patented, the patent has an invalidation reason.

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